The G.E.O. Health Networkis committed to maintain compliance with applicable legal and ethical standards. The success of our compliance efforts depends on the dedication of each employee or other agent to work with the company to implement and adhere to the Compliance Program. 100% HIPAA compliance and accurate comprehensive results is all we accept. Get your screening done with us and you will see the difference!

No employee or other agent, contract worker, customer, vendor, or other person who does business with this organization is exempt from the requirements contained in the compliance policy which includes but is not limited to:

  • Achieving  a culture of uncompromising integrity which is characterized by strict adherence to all federal, state, and local laws and regulations applicable to G.E.O. Health’s business operations.
  • Full  compliance with laws prohibiting fraud and abuse, (the federal False Claims Act, federal Anti-Kickback Statute, the Stark Law, and similar state laws).
  • Employees, directors, officers and other agents such as contracted representatives must not present or cause to be presented any false or fraudulent claims for  payment.
  • The G.E.O.  Health Network will submit claims for reimbursement to state and federal health care programs only if the ordering physician has signed for the test  request indicating medically necessary services.
  • The G.E.O.  Health Network expects all associates, directors, and officers and other agents to  conduct business on its behalf in strict adherence with the laws and  ethical standards applicable to the company’s business practices, without regard to personal considerations.
  • Employees,  directors, and officers and other agents should never solicit gifts or any  other personal benefit or favor of any kind from any individual or company doing business with G.E.O. Health in exchange for, or as a reward or  inducement for, business or for recommending or arranging for business to be referred to the G.E.O. Health Network.
  • All  interactions with healthcare professionals and their staff on behalf of the Company must be professional exchanges meant to provide education about the G.E.O. Health Network’s test offerings and the benefits they offer to professionals and patients.
  • Employees,  directors, and officers and other agents must comply with state and federal laws and regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (known as “HIPAA”), governing the privacy and  security of patient information.
  • Employees,  directors, and officers and other agents are prohibited from offering any  gift or other item of value to a health care professional.
  • The G.E.O. Health Network does not offer professional courtesy testing to HCPs, family  members of HCPs or employees of HCPs. Testing services provided to HCPs,  family members of HCPs or employees of HCPs must be billed to the patient or to the patient’s insurer in accordance with normal pricing and billing practices.
  • Employees,  directors, and officers and other agents are prohibited from offering  processing and handling fees to a health care professional for processing  of paperwork, sample preparation, sample mailing and/or other trivial task  associated with submission of a sample