Discovering ANS Technology 


Taking ANS Screening Beyond It's Current Limitations

 At Geo Health Network, an important part of our mission has always been to discover and market medical devices that have innovated and integrated technologies with intuitive software. About 4 years ago, we discovered an amazing device that could distinguish the cause of the symptoms and improves the early detection, treatment, and management of vascular and nervous system complications resulting from diabetes and other chronic diseases. Amazingly, it turns out that this device would also deliver very good revenue potential to our member practices for conduction patient screenings. 

Why Use ANS Technology In Your Practice?

 It takes a proactive physician, using advanced testing protocols and an integrated treatment approach, to offer patients hope for prevention, restoration and reversal of cardiovascular disease. In other words outcomes must begin with initiative. By first acquiring cardiovascular and nervous system data feedback and related wellness analytics for 8 critical risk factors using our ANS Assessment Program. The physician is provided with a restorative methodology that works. 

Clearly something had to be done

Given the fact that we always try to help our members earn the highest revenues possible, in 2017 we and introduced the ANS Assessment Program to our members. We felt it was time to reintroduce the amazing results that ANS screenings provide to the continued wellness of each patient while wanting to assist our member practices to earn the MAXIMUM revenues that the device can provide. The program was designed to solve the 5 main problems and some other issues that our member practices were having in the achieving the maximum benefits from their ANS devices. 

5 Important Benefits Of The ANS Assessment Program


  • The Program Provides Full Initial and Continuous Training to the Device Technician. The Program recommends technical support in running the device.
  • The Program Provides a “helpdesk” staffed by healthcare experts who are trained to assist the technician and Doctor(s) with a qualified second opinion on screening results and treatment ideas.
  • The Program assists in Developing Patient Materials that Can be Handed out in waiting rooms or emailed directly to the patient.
  • Each Month, the Program will study every practices numbers and make sure that each physician is never taken by surprise and sees the trends (good or bad) in its ANS Testing. We try to educate each practice in screening every patient that has the medical necessity for ANY screening.
  • The Program Provides Experienced and Efficient Billing Services so each member practice receives the maximum amount of revenues that they are entitled to.